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April  2015


A brand new "world class" business aviation centre at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is open for business to handle all your private aircraft handling needs.


Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre is a joint venture between Shanghai Airport Authority and one of Asia Pacific's leading aircraft service companies, Hawker Pacific.  We provide VIP lounge facilities and ground handling services for all your private aircraft handling needs. Our OEM Authorized Service Centre provides extensive aircraft maintenance services as well as support your aircraft charter and management needs.


Located at Hongqiao International Airport which is within easy access to downtown Shanghai, only 13kms (8 miles) away, will allow you quick and easy access to get to the city of Shanghai to conduct your business or enjoy the vibrant city attractions.  Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, we will provide you with the service you expect from a "world class" FBO facility which includes:

公司基地位于上海虹桥国际机场,地理位置便利。距离上海市中心仅13公里(8英里)。您可以方便快捷的往来于上海市区进行商务活动或者游览热门城市景区。基地24小时运营,全年无休,提供您所希望的世界级FBO 设施和服务,具体包括:

  • VIP Lounge and meeting room facilities l 贵宾休息室和会议室等设施
  • On-site customs/immigration & quarantine clearance | 现场安检清关服务
  • Flight plans submitted | 飞行计划
  • Ground transportation for passengers and crew in luxury vehicles | 客人和机组的贵宾车辆地面接送服务
  • Accommodation arrangements | 住宿安排服务
  • Refueling and professional aircraft cleaning | 加油和专业的飞机清洗服务
  • Hangarage | 机库
  • Crew facilities | 机组设施
  • Catering for all palates | 航食服务
  • Secure vehicle parking | 车辆停放服务

Hawker Pacific has over 30 years experiience maintaining and handling aircraft. Through our extensive network of FBOs and aircraft maintenance facilities throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East which includes sites across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, we can look after your aircraft scheduling, handling, charter and maintenance needs on your behalf.


Please give us a call on +86-21-2234 1800 or send an email to fbo@fboshanghai.com we are ready to provide you with our friendly service.

请致电 +86-21-2234 1800 或发送邮件至fbo@fboshanghai.com联系我们,我们竭诚为您提供服务。   

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