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Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre (SHPBASC) is a joint venture between Shanghai Airport Authority and Hawker Pacific.  Shanghai Airport Authority are the owners and operators of Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport.  Hawker Pacific is one of Asia Pacific's leading aircraft service companies with more than 30 years experience servicing and handling business aircraft.  


Shanghai Airport Authority's mission is to make Shanghai a world recognised international transportation center and to ensure the very best air service for the economic development of Shanghai and China.  The vision includes the building of a well respected air hub in the Asia Pacific region with a world-class airport operational group with the highest value. 

To find out more about Shanghai Airport Authority go to http://www.shanghaiairport.com/en/index.jsp

要了解更多上海机场集团的信息,请点击 http://www.shanghaiairport.com

Hawker Pacific is the market leader in integrated civil and military aerospace sales and product support in the Asia Pacific region. The company maintains facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Townsville, Cairns and Auckland as well as in South-East Asia and the Middle East and is an authorised service centre and sales agent for Hawker Beechcraft aircraft and Dassault Falcon Jets. Hawker Pacific is ISO 9001 accredited by Bureau Veritas Quality International, is CASA certified to provide Airline Support Services and holds accreditations by the Department of Defence Quality Assurance Organisation, CASA (CAR 35 & 36 approvals) FAA as well as approvals from 26 major global suppliers. 

霍克太平洋公司是亚太地区整合民用和军用航空销售和产品支持方面的市场领导者。公司在澳大利亚的悉尼、墨尔本、布里斯班、柏斯、汤斯维尔、凯恩斯、奥克兰以及东南亚地区和中东地区都有基地。同时公司还是霍克比奇飞机公司和达索飞机公司的授权服务中心和销售代理。霍克太平洋公司还是比维国际质量局(Bureau Veritas)认证的ISO9001单位,是CASA 认证的航空支持服务供应商,同时拥有CASA(CAR35和36部),FAA和国防质量保证部门的认证。不仅如此,公司还有来自全球26个主要供应商的认可资质。  

Our customers include commuter, corporate, general aviation, rotary wing and special mission operators, airlines, governments and the military. The company continues to refine and evolve its services to meet the needs of its discerning list of clients that includes heads of state, major corporations and VIPs. To learn more about Hawker Pacific please visit www.hawkerpacific.com



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