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Speed, flexibility and personal attention are our trademark in ensuring that all our clients, not just VIPs, experience the very best service.  We understand that the crews comfort is as important as the VIP passengers. 

快捷、灵活和以人为本是我们的行动准则。我们以此保证我们的客户,而不仅仅是VIP 客户得到最好的服务。我们明白保证机组人员的舒适和让我们的贵宾客人舒适是一样的重要。

At Shanghai Hawker Pacific, the service continues after the passengers have disembarked from the aircraft. Our FBOs cater to the needs and requirements of the crew and their aircraft.

在上海霍克太平洋,我们的服务即便在客人已经下飞机之后仍然会延续。我们的FBO 会充分照顾到机组人员和飞机的各种需求。 

We have a dedicated Crew Lounge providing:


  • PCs with access to the internet and flight planning tools | 能够使用航班计划工具的电脑,无线网络
  • Document Library – e.g. Visa/Immigration Requirements | 相关文件“图书馆”—比如:签证/边检各项要求
  • Comfortable lounge chairs that convert into full length beds | 舒适的休息沙发(可转换成床使用)
  • TV and DVD with the latest release movies | 电视和DVD机,以及最新的影视节目
  • Shower and change room facilities | 淋浴设备和更衣室
  • Bar, tea & coffee and light refreshments| 吧台、茶水、咖啡和小食

Aircraft Services:


  • Parking, hangarage and towing | 停机、机库停放和拖飞机
  • Fueling | 飞机加油
  • Aircraft detailing | 飞机清理
  • Catering Requirements| 航食配送

Our FBO staff are on-hand to assist with your trip planning requirements and any enquiries you may have. At Shanghai Hawker Pacific we take care of you and your aircraft.

我们FBO 的员工随时在您身侧为你提供航程计划需求的各项支持。我们将全方位的照顾您和您的飞机。

Visa & Immigration


We recommend that crews complete the Aircrew Declaration form prior to arrival to speed up customs processing.


  • Please contact us regarding China Visa Immigration details.
  • 如想了解中国签证和边检的具体内容,请联系我们。




Having just opened for business, we await our first Shanghai Hawker Pacific customer testimonial - we hope this is you!


Some other testimonials from other Hawker Pacific ports:


"Thank you for all your help, especially getting the TSP approval. We had a great stay in Port Douglas; this trip probably was one of the best trips I was ever on. I would like to let you know of the superb job that Al Zajac has done, I whish there were more like him even at our home bases ( Florida and Chicago).He showed great deal of professionalism, the know how to get things done, very pleasant and courteous with our paxs, and us. Also my thanks to Kevin, he's also done a superb job helping us out. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be back any time soon, but I will always remember Hawker Pacific, and the excellent job that your guys had done for us."
Cap. Alfredo Rey

“感谢你们所做的一切,尤其是在获取TSP批准上你们给予的帮助。在道格拉斯我们呆的很愉快,这次旅行是我所经历的最好的旅行之一。我想让你们都了解一下Al Zajac 所做的出色的工作。我真希望在我们的基地(佛罗里达和芝加哥)也能有更多像他一样的人。他展现了强烈的专业精神,很明白他自己在做什么,要怎么做。同时他对客人和我们都谦和有礼,非常令人愉悦。我们还要感谢Kevin, 他也做了非常卓越的工作。很遗憾我们们可能不会近期再来这里,但我会一直记得霍克太平洋,以及你们的员工所做的出色的工作。”
机长 Alfredo Rey 

"Hawker Pacific, the #1 full service FBO in Australia, arranged all our handling needs. We operated to Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne area. Hawker Pacific coordinated a charter needed for an airport outside of Melbourne that we could not operate into. While in Sydney, Hawker Pacific handled a Boeing 777 and the Australian Air Force flights for the Prime Minister, and we experienced no decrease in service. Excellent, knowledgeable people and staff."
Pilot: W.M. Aircraft: Boeing BBJ

飞行员: W.M  机型: 波音BBJ

"Hawker Pacific arranged all handling while in Australia. They can accommodate all requests and have local knowledge as they operate charters in Australia. They have a recently refurbished FBO facility which is the nicest in Australia."
Pilot: W.M. Aircraft: Boeing BBJ

  “霍克太平洋在澳大利亚处理了所有的事情。他们在澳大利亚运营包机服务是能满足客人所有的需求并且有丰富的当地知识。我们现在的FBO 刚刚装修过,这个设施在整个澳大利亚都是最好的。”
飞行员: W.M 机型: 波音BBJ

"Hawker Pacific handled us at Sydney. They were responsive to our needs. ATC was good. Pay attention to holding fuel requirements inbound. Stayed at the Marriott Sydney Harbour. Good location."
Pilot: K.K. Aircraft: Global Express

飞行员: K.K 机型: 环球快车  

"Hawker Pacific did an outstanding job for us in both Sydney and Cairns. Doug, Tom and the entire staff were attentive to every detail on this trip. I highly recommend them to anyone visiting "Down Under." The security is good and this Company is all you will need during your entire stay on the Continent(14 days for us this time). Tom met us on arrival at Carins and gave the crew and passengers room keys as we deplaned. Plus, had every possible detail arranged for this overnight tech. stop. Our passengers commented most favourably on being handed a room key at the plane for this short overnight at the Hilton. Two thumbs up to Hawker Pacific and all the staff. Relax and count on them to handle all your details while you enjoy this beautiful Country and it's people."
Pilot: D.F. Aircraft: Challenger 601

“霍克太平洋在悉尼和凯恩斯都为我们做了很棒的服务。Doug、Tom和所有的员工对我们这次航行的细节都很注意。我强烈的把他们推荐给所有想要参观”Down Under”的人。安全方面也非常好。我觉得你在澳洲大陆上有了这家公司就不需要别的了(这次我们带了14天)。我们在凯恩斯到港的时候,迎接我们的是Tom,他给了客人和我们酒店房间的钥匙并安排好了我们这次技术经停要安排的所有细节。我们的客人对这次安排的希尔顿非常满意。给霍克太平洋和她的员工们竖上两个大拇指!在你充分享受这个美丽的国家和她的人民的时候,你可以放松的依赖霍克太平洋和她的员工们帮你处理所有细节。”
飞行员: D.F 机型: 挑战者 601  

"Hawker Pacific made all arrangements for various stops in Australia. Excellent job as usual. This was our third trip in last 6 months. They now have new FBO facility at Sydney which makes them the best FBO in Australia."
Pilot: W.M. Aircraft: Boeing BBJ

“霍克太平洋为我们在澳大利亚的多个停留地都做了所有的安排。一如既往的优秀。这是我们最近6个月以来的第3次旅行了。他们在悉尼现在有了一个新的FBO, 这样他们就是澳大利亚最好的FBO了。
飞行员: W.M 机型: 波音BBJ  

"Hawker Pacific was handler 011-61-2-9693-2591. Tom Alwyn Jones and Andy Gahan are both top notch. They will take very good care of you. Stayed at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, very nice. Lots of good restaurants within walking distance. Need slots for this airport. Handler will get them for you and had no problem getting times we wanted."
Pilot: J.M. Aircraft: GLF4

“霍克太平洋是011-61-2-9693-2591 代理。 Tom Alwyn Jones 和Andy Gahan 都是最好的。他们会好好的照料你的。住在悉尼港的万豪,非常好。步行距离的范围内就有很多很好的餐厅。需要机场时隙么?代理会帮你搞定所有你想要的时间。”
飞行员:J.M 机型: GLF4  







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