Mission Statement


As a commercially focussed aviation business, we will understand and fulfil our customers expectations by providing comprehensive, cost effective solutions throughout the life of their aviation assets.

Our service includes:

  • Fixed Base Operations (FBO) Lounge and ground handling services
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, avionics and components
  • Customised engineering and modification services
  • Spare part sales, support and management
  • Charter and aircraft management
  • Aviation asset management and operations

We will provide our customers with a happy experince, employees with a rewarding and safe workplace, our principals with total support for their products and our shareholders with an acceptable and sustainable return.

Our commitment is to deliver the customers requirements on time and at the agreed price, through an ongoing process of continual improvement.



  • 固定基地(FBO)服务和地面服务
  • 飞机航电和机身的维护维修和大修服务
  • 定制和改装服务
  • 零部件销售、支持和管理
  • 包机和飞机托管
  • 航空部件管理和运营



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